QRC Valves



Cameron’s NEWCO® cast steel gate, globe and check valves exceed all industry design requirements. These valves range from 2” to 54” (50 mm to1350 mm) in pressure classes 150 to1500.

Gate Valves

NEWCO cast steel gate valves are ideal for bi-directional flow and tight shutoff. Due to the flow characteristics of the wedge-to-seat design, gate valves should be operated in the full-open or full-closed position. Concentrated flow across the seats of a partially opened gate valve risks possible seat damage, therefore throttling is not recommended. Gate valves are utilized in applications where minimum pressure drop is desired.

Globe Valves

NEWCO cast steel globe valves are ideal for unidirectional, controlled flow. The flow characteristics of a globe valve are repeatable, consistent and easy to control at various open positions, which makes the design ideal for general flow regulation.

Check Valves

NEWCO cast steel check valves yield minimal restriction to low-velocity environments and are ideal for preventing backflow in unidirectional flow applications in horizontal or upward (vertical) flow. The tilting disc design offers closing that reduces the possibility of slamming.
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