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API 594 – Key Elements

API 594 is an industry-standard for check valves with widespread application, especially in the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. The standard ensures that the

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Intro to Gate Valves

Gate valves serve in isolation applications where they can either completely shut off or allow full flow in a pipeline. Their compatibility with a variety

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Valve Backseat

A valve backseat is a common design feature in gate valves, as well as globe valves, serving in isolation applications. This article reviews how a valve backseat works, its testing procedure, and when to deploy it to maintain system reliability.

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large corroded water valve

NACE Compliant Valve

Reviews the requirements for an NACE compliant valve, then summarizes some key elements of the NACE MR0175 and NACE MR0103.

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OS & Y Valve

The OS & Y valve, known as ‘outside stem and yoke’ is a configuration common in several industrial applications.

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pipe and valving system

High Temperature Valves

High temperature valves refer to industrial valves that have the capacity to perform at significantly high temperatures. They can do this because manufacturers design them using durable and versatile metallic materials, which have extremely high melting points.

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Butterfly Valve vs Ball Valve

When it comes to flow regulation in industrial applications, it is common to have to choose between a butterfly valve or a ball valve. Both are quarter-turn rotary valves that serve similar purposes, but distinct features make them suitable for different situations.

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ampo twin valves severe service

Severe Service Valves

In the realm of valves, the term ‘severe service’ signifies operating conditions that pose challenges beyond the ordinary. A severe service valve must withstand extreme conditions such as high pressures, corrosive environments, or fluctuating temperatures.

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Gate vs Globe Valves

Gate vs. Globe Valves In fluid control systems, selecting the appropriate valve is crucial for ensuring efficient operation and longevity of the system. Among the

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yellow valve and piping run at sea

Valve Maintenance

Valves might experience wear, tear, corrosion, leading to leaks, blockages, or failure. Therefore, valve maintenance becomes essential for any facility operation.

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Types of Butterfly Valves

The types of butterfly valves vary according to material attributes and product configuration. However, all types see frequent use in…

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Lined Valves

Lined Valves Lined valves play a crucial role in industrial setups where reliability and precision are paramount. The design of these specialized valves enables them

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Cast vs Forged Valves

Cast Versus Forged Valves Valves are indispensable parts of any industrial system, but they are not all made the same way. Of all the methods,

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ball valve vs diaphragm valve

Diaphragm Valve vs. Ball Valve

Ball Valve vs. Diaphragm Valve In some industrial applications, diaphragm valves compete with ball valves. Each present a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. In

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Industrial Globe Valves

Industrial Globe Valves Globe valves remain a popular option for industrial applications as their design allows them to excel in both throttling and shut-off purposes.

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chemical plant

Valves Used in the Chemical Industry

Valves are critical components in the chemical industry as they perform several functions. Not only do they deliver precise control and dosing, they also monitor pressure, protect other equipment, and must be compatible with the flow media.

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emergency shutdown valve

Emergency Shutdown Valve

Emergency Shutdown Valve An emergency shutdown valve, frequently referred to as a safety shutdown valve, quickly halts fluid flow in an emergency or potentially hazardous

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Direct Acting vs Reverse Acting Actuator

Direct Acting vs Reverse Acting Actuator Actuators perform important functions in valves, especially control valves. Common operations performed include fully opening, fully closing, and providing

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Automated Valves

Automated valves do not require manual efforts for their operation. Rather, they possess an actuator and control system that automatically performs the opening, closing, and regulation of the valve. Benefits of this system include increase in efficiency and operator safety. In this article, we review how automated valves work, as well as the functioning of automated gate, globe, and butterfly valves.

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Stainless Steel Valves

Stainless steel valves are one of the most common types because they offer great durability at a relatively low cost. Learn more about stainless steel valves and compare them vs other valve materials.

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Functions of a Check Valve

A check valve is common in control applications to ensure that the flow of liquid or gas is in only one direction. Learn the functions of a check valve in industry, its application in various types of systems, and functionality vs a non-return valve.

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CV of Valves

CV of Valves The CV of valves refers to their flow coefficient and provides one of the important parameters when selecting a valve for an

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Ball Valves vs. Globe Valves

Ball Valves vs. Globe Valves Valves are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices commonly found in a myriad of industrial processes, manufacturing, and maintenance operations.   These devices

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Gate Valve Components

Gate Valve Components A gate valve is typically used in industrial settings to completely restrict flow, or to fully allow flow when it is in

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Fugitive Emission Valves

Fugitive Emission Valves Fugitive emission valves have been qualified according to industry standards against the leakage or unintentional release of vapor or gasses. The use

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API Monograms

NEWS & RESOURCES SEPTEMBER 08, 2021 API Monograms API has a monogram program: API does monograms for API 600, API 602, and API 594.As of

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Killed Steel

NEWS & RESOURCES AUGUST 17, 2021 Killed Steel Killed steel, sometimes called deoxidized steel, is steel that has been entirely deoxidized by adding an agent before

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Class Seat Leakage

Class Seat Leakage HYDRO TESTING – CLASS I to IVCLASS SEAT LEAKAGE The term “Class” seat leakage comes from ANSI / FCI 70-2. This is

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Bypass and Equalizer Combination

NEWS & RESOURCES FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Bypass and Equalizer Combination The 3-line bypass and equalizer combination pictured above allows the end user to achieve a variety

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