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Forged & Cast Gate, Globe, & Check Valves

Newmans Valve Newco branded forged and cast valves are ideal for standard and critical industry applications. Available in bolted and welded bonnet configurations, the welded bonnet joint eliminates the body/bonnet flanges.

Newmans Valve Newco manufactures, markets and sells gate, globe, check, ball, and triple offset valves ranging in sizes from 1/4” thru 120” ANSI Class 125 thru 4500 lbs. The valves are manufactured to ASME, API, and MSS specifications from Carbon (cast and forged), Stainless (cast and forged including Duplex and Super Duplex products), and other alloys (low alloy steels, Inconel, Hastelloy, and noble alloys). The brand serves in various applications from low pressure processes to specialty applications within the refining, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, and marine industries.

QRC carries Newco’s full range suited for your particular application. This includes cast steel, forged steel, pressure seal, floating ball valves, and stainless steel valves. Newco provides a highly reliable and complete line of cast, forged and stainless steel gate, globe, and check valves in a full range of sizes and classes.

Newco forged valve group

NEWCO Forged Steel GGCs

NEWCO Cast Steel GGCs


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