QRC Valves



Pressure Seal Gate Valves

Xanik pressure seal valve designs are available in gate, globe, swing check, stop check, lift check, tilting disc check valves and are installed in a wide variety of high pressure and high temperature applications including main steam, reheat, feed water, catalytic reforming, as well as other applications in power, steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), refining, petrochemical, and other process industries.

Flexible Wedge

Parallel Slide Disc

Pressure Equalizing

In the case of the conventional double-seated parallel gate valves, thermal expansion of a liquid trapped in the closed valve chamber will force the upstream and downstream discs into more intimate contact with their seats and cause the pressure in the valve chamber to rise. This higher stress may make it difficult to turn the handwheel to raise the disc, and the pressure in the valve chamber may rise too quickly leading to a leak or body deformation. Valves facing this scenario require a pressure-equalizing connection between the valve chamber and the upstream piping to accommodate thermal expansion.


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