QRC Valves

December 2023

Lined Valves

Lined Valves Lined valves play a crucial role in industrial setups where reliability and precision are paramount. The design of these specialized valves enables them to handle aggressive media as they provide a protective layer to ensure integrity and longevity of the valve. In this article, we delve into the purpose of lined valves, explore […]

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Cast vs Forged Valves

Cast Versus Forged Valves Valves are indispensable parts of any industrial system, but they are not all made the same way. Of all the methods, the most popular for making high-quality industrial valves are casting and forging. Thus, it is common to have engineers and product designers deliberating on which of these two will be

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Industrial Globe Valves

Industrial Globe Valves Globe valves remain a popular option for industrial applications as their design allows them to excel in both throttling and shut-off purposes. Also, they can handle a variety of process media types due to their robust design. In this article, we review how industrial globe valves work, their applications in industry, and

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