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Valve Trim – What It Is, Plug Profiles, Parts, Chart, and Selection Process

Valve trim refers to the operating parts of a valve that are usually exposed to the process fluid. In this article, you will learn more about the meaning of valve trim, review a valve trim chart, learn about the material selection process, and review the selection process in action by comparing two common trims: trim …

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API Monograms

NEWS & RESOURCES SEPTEMBER 08, 2021 API Monograms API has a monogram program: API does monograms for API 600, API 602, and API 594.As of February 2019, API does NOT yet have a monogram for API 623 (globe valves).A list of manufacturing facilities that have the right to apply API monograms can be obtainedfrom: https://mycerts.api.org/Search/CompositeSearch As of …

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Killed Steel

NEWS & RESOURCES AUGUST 17, 2021 Killed Steel Killed steel is steel that has been completely deoxidized by the addition of an agent before casting so that there is practically no evolution of gas during solidification. They are characterized by a high degree of chemical homogeneity and freedom from gas porosity. The steel is said to …

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Class Seat Leakage

NEWS & RESOURCES FEBRUARY 10, 2021 Class Seat Leakage HYDRO TESTING – CLASS I to IVCLASS SEAT LEAKAGEThe term “Class” seat leakage comes from ANSI / FCI 70-2. This is a control valve seat leakage specification and does not apply to gates and globes used for on/off service. In ANSI / FCI 70-2, the forward states, …

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Cameron’s ORBIT Rising Stem Ball Valve

NEWS & RESOURCES OCTOBER 27, 2020 Cameron’s ORBIT Rising Stem Ball Valve We had an exciting opportunity to write about Cameron’s ORBIT rising stem ball valve. The article explores the ORBIT valve history, applications, actuation and instrumentation, compliance, and operating and maintenance considerations. Check it out here!