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June 2024

valve seat

Valve Seat Selection Guide

Selecting the proper valve seat is crucial for maintaining valve integrity and functionality in different industrial applications. This article reviews valve seat types, key considerations when choosing seat material, and a typical selection chart to guide decision-making. What is a Valve Seat? A valve seat is a critical component of a valve that could either […]

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swing check valve

API 594 – Key Elements

API 594 is an industry-standard for check valves with widespread application, especially in the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. The standard ensures that the design, manufacture, testing, and inspection of these valves meet requirements for safety, reliability, and performance. This article reviews key elements of API 594 including fitness for service, applicability to check

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Intro to Gate Valves

Gate valves serve in isolation applications where they can either completely shut off or allow full flow in a pipeline. Their compatibility with a variety of fluids, as well as simplistic operation, make them very common in industrial applications. This article delves into the working principle of gate valves, types, and an intro to common

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